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Friday, August 06, 2004

NZ Film festival - Citizen King & Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion

Watched a couple of excellent films this week at the NZ Film Festival.

The first, entitled Citizen King was about the life of Dr Martin Luther King from 1963 up until his murder in 1968. An amazing story on a number of levels. Amazing that one man can do so much and make so much change. Amazing that, once again, a total devotion to the idea of non-violent protest can achieve this much, and that a majority of wronged and angry people can largely be persuaded to adopt peaceful means under strong leadership like this. Amazing that I was born the same year he was killed and yet learned nothing about any of this in school.

The second film we saw was entitled Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion about Tibet and what has happened there since China invaded and destroyed most of it. The Tibetan people are incredible and the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso's leadership in peaceful protest is again astounding. Though, the many years of non-violent protest seem to have achieved little to date, the Tibetan Government in Exile's policy of peaceful protest seems resolute. Although much world opinion is on the side of Tibet, trade with China is such a potential money spinner that the governments of countries like the US focus more on that than on China's human rights abuses in Tibet - described in the film as genocide.

Various websites about Tibet include: Free Tibet Campaign; Tibet Online; International Campaign for Tibet


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