Story of some Brits living in New Zealand for the Southern Hemisphere Winter in 2004
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Casino - hospital do

Following careful dress-code instructions not to wear jeans or sneakers I was a bit surprised to see quiet a sight in shorts as I showed up! Apparently shorts are ok in the dress-code stakes!

The Casino is quite a nice place to eat as it has lots of room and an extensive buffet, and for groups is quite cheap!

After the food, and failing to be allowed to take a group photograph (must be dodgey these hospital types), AM and I rationed ourselves to $10 each (>£4) and hit the tables.

After making a little win on roulette AM turned her attention to blackjack.

Well, that's not strictly true since AM didn't know what Blackjack was but her friend pushed her in that direction. Needless to say beginners luck showed its face and AM was dealt an Ace and a Picture Card first time; and second time pretty similar. That was it, AM beaming with her winnings led us off in search of further entertainment.

A fruit machine gave us 40 goes for $2 but we never really understood how that worked. I lost my money on blackjack - 2 hands and that was it.

We left with AM standing at more than 100% profit up and me having lost my $10. Good fun and not too much risk of gambling addiction but I picked up a leaflet just in case.


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