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Friday, July 23, 2004

Drove to Wanaka on my birthday

After work we headed down to Wanaka (near Queenstown) for the weekend to meet up with Nadine again. It's more than a 5 hour drive down there but although the road was quite icy in places, the low traffic volume makes it easier. I think we only came across 20 cars all the way back.

Spent the weekend at Cardrona which is a great ski resort with a road up which is not too bad!

Cardrona has loads to do for the beginner and intermediate skier and the lessons we high standard too.

AM has not done much skiing but it didnt stop her tagging along behind quite an advanced class of skiers in the afternoon as the plunged over the edge of a steep bowl to come up the other side. It went fine until she was right at the top of the other side of the bowl, when she just gently plopped over! I think my skiing came on quite well this weekend, since I was happy enough to play around in these steep bowls all the way down the slope on the second day!

Great fun weekend!

AM seems quite taken with skiing

Unlike the poor car, which is often hounded up the ski roads (mostly scree and ice), clanking its chains, only to be surrounded at the top!

Apres Ski - one of these people is an extreme snowboarder and another is a Giraffe, which is which?
(Carl, Isabell, Nadine)


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