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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Kaiapoi Masters Meet

As a warm up to the South Island Masters meet next weekend, the 4 Christchurch swimming clubs had a little meet at Kaiapoi. Not able to find my goggles (hopeless!) I had to buy some new ones at the event. My first event, 50m freestyle, showed how effective the goggles were - they made a good necklace!

Second event for me was 50m backstroke. I was only a bit put off by the 6ft 5 bloke swimming for Jelly who used to be number 3 in NZ and top backstroker in the south island! We were both swimming down an agegroup too, 20-29, because we were a bit short of people in some agegroups. Attempting an open turn I fumbled badly with the slippery wall and resolved to attempt proper backstroke turns for the 100m. I don't know how badly I did but I was clearly very last.

The 100m back was better. In my own agegroup this time, I kept on terms with the guy next to me until the 3rd turn, at which i missed the wall (a common occurence for me!) but finished a slightly more respectable last place. I was actually quite pleased to have done 2 good backstroke turns - they're quite tricky!

Finally I got to lead off the relay with 50 freestyle. Once again the goggles came off and I clouted the wall quite badly through not seeing it properly. Not a great swim! We were winning the relay in the middle of the race but the other clubs had some pretty quick swimmers on the last legs so they pulled back :-(

After returning my new goggles for a refund we had a bit of a do. Typical Masters style, down the pub with food laid on.

Fortunately I found my lucky goggles when I got home!


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