Story of some Brits living in New Zealand for the Southern Hemisphere Winter in 2004
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Friday, September 03, 2004

Dinner - Shakahari. Saw Possums just chilling out on the way

Found a nice veggie restaurant for dinner in Melbourne. People seem to dine out late here, unlike in NZ where people seem to dine early and go to bed early!

Was odd to see possums in a park on the way to the restaurant. Odd because in NZ you never really see Possums just sitting around, half tame, on the grass in a park. Oh no! Possums are a MAJOR PEST in NZ and EVERYBODY knows it. Your most pacificist, vegetarian, nice person kiwi becomes a desperate killer when confronted with a Possum and must do all they can to extinguish it's life. I'm not joking either. The Aussies seemed a bit shocked when I told them that! I wouldnt be surprised if NZ introduced a law requiring visitors to exit the country with a Possum Pelt tax to show they have killed their quota! Kiwi's arent naturally savage! It's just that the possum is such a big pest here that balance needs to be restored. Possums eat eggs of ground dwelling birds, well, in fact possums do all kinds of other damage too, like to the trees.

Got a tram back to the hotel - interesting tram system, makes it quite hard to drive around. There's even a special turn manoeuve for cars to stay out of the way of trams called a 'hook right' turn.


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