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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Visiting Dentist

Mary's a friend of AM's who's been visiting for a few days as she attends the dental conference in Christchurch.

We went to meet Mary from the conference today. Quite spooky to walk around the conference exhibition stands as they were packing up all kinds of dodgey looking dental apparatus. Surprising to see how much cake and chocolate was around the place though!

After the conference we had a nice cuppa in Strawberry Fair before heading to town to play 3-person rules Pool* and silly games like air hockey, basketball and Southpark Pinball at the local amusements. Finally came home and got loads of food from Indian Sumner (fantastic) and drank lots of the wine Mary showed up with.

*3-person Pool rules are great. Cheryl Sherwood from our Canadian office showed me how to play this. Each player has 5 balls and the object of the game is for them to keep their balls on the table and pot everyone else's balls. After the first person pots their first ball, they nominate which set of 5 balls they want. So, if someone pots ball number 13, they would choose either balls 1-5 or 6-10 as theirs. When the second person pots something, they choose their set of 5. Other pool rules pretty much as normal.


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