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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More understatement! - in mountain bike guide to Port Hills

How naive of me to expect that the following passage described a nice bit of singletrack for a first ride on my new bike.

"The Captain Thomas Multi-use trail on an easy gradient from Sumner to Evans pass."
(The Port Hills by Mark Pickering, ISBN 958328919 and available from East Books)

Somehow this did not conjure up an exposed (20-50ft drop off the side of the trail) and technically difficult descent into Sumner. Not quite what I had in mind as a nice gentle ride out on my new bike; nor indeed, a first experience of mountain biking for Ann-Marie. Am glad I took Max's advice and scouted ahead!

One great feature of the ride though was discovering how great it is to have wind down forks! On a steep ascent on a mountain bike it's often hard to stop the front wheel from coming up all the time and trying to pop a wheelie! With the hydraulic wind down forks on the Marin Nail Trail you can effectively reduce the travel on the forks from 100mm to 70mm. This lowers the front of the bike and makes going up steep hills very easy. Nice design feature!


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