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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

QE2 Master's Swimming Club

Went to the QE2 pool tonight in New Brighton to try out their QE2 Masters Club. What a fantastic pool, it's 50m, and there are several other pools around the facility. Diving pools and spare pools for kayaking polo, wave pools and all sorts of things. To top it all it seems that the pool doesnt have chlorine in it, so I'm guessing it must be ozone treated - mind you, had a sneezing fit later so perhaps it's not totally chlorine free.

The only downside of the pool is that bike shops have warned us that lots of bikes are stolen from there.

The master's club is great. Not too serious and very friendly folks of all ages. Not entirely unlike my favourite swimming club at home - Impington Swimming Club in Cambridge. Though I'm missing my friends from there and our after swim drinks in the various Histon pubs :-(.


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