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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

APCHI2004 Conference & the Susan Dray Tutorial

The first Human-Computer Interaction Conference I've attended for 10 years! The last was HCI'94 in Glasgow.

First day was a full day tutorial from one of the conference keynote speakers, Susan Dray, entitled, "Understanding Users' work in context: Practical Observation Skills". Lots of practical stuff on ethnography and how to do it. Lots to write up for work here!

Other folks at the conference itself were very interesting indeed with research areas involving eye tracking, augmented reality, collaborative working, multi-layer displays, game research. All good stuff.

Had a curry with some folks from Auckland - Blake, Tracey, Miriam, etc. And then went back to the conference for a practitioner discussion on the newly formed NZ UPA Chapter. Very interesting, followed with some drinks and pool!

Slipped away early in the evening to do some work and prepare my presentation material!


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