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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Rapaki Track - Mountain Biking

Bianca and Miles took me up Rapaki Track, as a nice way up to the Port Hills summit. From there, we rode from Rapaki Rock Car Park to Mount Vernon Car Park on some nice singletrack. This was technical enough with lots of pedal scraping on rocks and quite a muddy path. In general not too bad for drop-offs but I couldnt help feeling that you would easily fall 20 feet if you fell off the wrong side. Bianca reckons I just need to do the route another 10 times then I'll be alright (I wonder).

Finally, headed down the fast stoney Huntsbury Track, which now has around 4 gates across it at intervals. Glad I did this track with locals as I'm not sure I would've stopped on sight of the first gate even with disk brakes!

Excellent trip out, with about 330m of fairly gradual ascent!

Reckon I need to head further west along the summit road next - perhaps to The Sign of The Kiwi (Teashop).


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