Story of some Brits living in New Zealand for the Southern Hemisphere Winter in 2004
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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Too windy to ski but weather fine in ChCh

No wind to speak of in ChCh so as planned we spent Sunday on our mountain bikes. Headed into Sumner, climbed onto the Summit Rd up Evan's Pass (avoiding the treacherous Captain Thomas "mountain bike track"). Once on the Summit Rd, we were greeted with the usual fantastic views of Sumner, Redcliffs, the sea and eventually, all of ChCh. We were also greeted with a bit more climbing on the Road - I guess we probably climbed around 500m in all, up the Port Hills, down a bit, up a bit more. Very nice though!

Odd sky!

We eventually descended on Rapaki Track, which is a really nice way up or down the Port Hills. AM is a bit new to mountain biking and Rapaki is quite a nice introduction to riding down quite a tricky surface.

We were tempted to cut off early down the deceptively easy sounding "bridle way" but Kiwi mates and guidebooks advise that it is steep, and rutted ("you could disappear up to your shoulders in those ruts"). Given the Kiwi propensity for understatement we left that alone this time!

Overall around a 22km rideout, 500m climb, with a great descent!


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