Story of some Brits living in New Zealand for the Southern Hemisphere Winter in 2004
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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Christchurch - Castle Hill Rocks - Cheeseman Skiing - Arthurs Pass - Hokitika - Glow Worm Dell

This is the first day of our holiday. We set off rather late due to a bit of a faff with gear, which is probably mostly my fault for not being ready.

However, after about an hour we arrived in Castle Hill a rock climber's bouldering heaven and generally nice place to muck about.

Carl on Castle Hill rocks

Competition for best artistic interpretation of tree amid rocks

Doug - "the karate kid" (on rocks)

Someone (Doug) said this looked like the sort of scenary used for dodgey photo shoots, this is dodgey photo shoot picture number 1

This is dodgey photo shoot picture number 2 (nude foot)

More civilised rock shot!

Next we decided to head towards Mt Cheeseman for a spot of spring skiing at one of the club fields. We discovered that Cheeseman is not very easy for beginners. This is mainly due to the cat tracks which are essentially the only ways down the bottom part of the runs - quite tricky. Didn't much like the lack of friendliness of the club scene here either but perhaps they were a bit off as it was the last day of skiing. Certainly prefered the Lyford club ski field more.

Cheeseman not good for beginners - the evidence

Injuries didn't prevent us messing about

Next we headed off through Arthurs Pass to Hokitika to a nice motel we'd stayed at before called the Jade Court Motel.

At the motel we enquired about the local Glow Worm Dell. The girl there said she hadnt noticed any glowworms there last time she went, but she admitted there were other things on her mind at that time (hmm).

We had more luck and saw lots of glow worms down there, very interesting.

Doug played a pretty good stunt on us and really caught Ann-Marie with it (we could tell because she punched us quite hard). The glowworms were quite hard to see and were fenced off. Doug showed us one on the path but saying we could get a better look at it. This one glowed pink not green though - it was in fact the glow keyring on our car keys!

This was actually the second time today we'd caught AM out. Doug has some crazy sausage shaped sandbags filled with silicone to put in smelly boots to remove the moisture. I managed to convince AM they were a training aid for running that you wear on your running top to work the arms. OUCH, i got punched for that one too!

Overall a fun day. We nearly missed out on food but found something willing to serve after 8.30 (I kid you not). This was a place called the filling station on account of it being an old garage.


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