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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dolphins prevent NZ shark attack

BBC NEWS - Dolphins prevent NZ shark attack - well, there you go, those Great Whites are out there around this coastline! Apparently quite close to shore near the South West of the South Island too, due to some warm current there.

However, there have only been about 7 shark attacks in NZ over the last 100 years of something, so not something to be hugely concerned about.

Mind you, I do wonder why these attacks arent more common, given how helpless we are in water by comparison!

Amazing save by the dolphins though, quite incredible how they will protect humans in the water. Perhaps we should stop killing them in our fishing nets.


  • Hi Carl

    I'm just trying to get something UK UPA-ish (meetings) happening in Cambridge - and I find you're down under!

    Hope you're having a good time.

    If you have any advice on Cambridge, do let me know (we've got three people interested so far).

    By the way, UK UPA person Michael Andrews has recently moved to NZ and is working at Optimal Usability in Wellington.

    By Blogger Dullwitch, at 1/05/2005  

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